Just a few words now and then. 

Updated 8th April 2019

Added the new echelon page to the site

Updated 19th Feb 2017

In the process of migrating to Jestservers with 2 WaW servers plus the bots for admin

Updated 22/9/2015

Have decomissioned the Battlefield servers as they were not being used and it was costing too much to have 3 BF4 servers sitting there empty just so I could run a B3 bot for them

Updated 30/7/2015

Decomissioned Battlefield Hardline as it never seemed to really take off

Updated 2/4/2015

Consolidating the servers, so decomissioning the Gameservers boxes, and Purepings and moved all of the servers to Multiplay. Also added a BF Hardline server on Multiplay

Updated 12/11/2014

Added new server details and providers

Updated 10/03/2013

Added link to GGC streaming after signing up

Updated 11/02/2013 18:52

Updated with EzStats and Ezserver installations

Updated 11/02/2013

Updated site with images for links to my social media sites and the banners for the servers, as we

Updated 8/1/2013

Updated site with some links and the nw version of echelon

Welcome to the Mac Attack